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Vocabulary Exercises

a Tick the correct word, A, B, or C.
Example: extremely happy
A disappointed B delighted ü C shocked

1 very surprised by some unexpected news
A furious B stunned C confused

2 sad and alone
A grateful B offended C lonely

3 very angry
A miserable B devastated C furious

4 very surprised
A thrilled B astonished C delighted

5 very glad that a problem has been solved
A relieved B disappointed C shocked

6 bored or unhappy
A miserable B fed up C exhausted

7 very pleased
A grateful B delighted C glad

b Tick A, B, or C to complete the sentences.
Example: I often ________ interesting things with my friends.
A argue B speak C discuss ü
8 Please try and calm ________. I know we can sort this out.
A down B off C on
9 Don’t forget to ________ your hair before you go to school.
A blow B comb C raise
10 I really need to ________ my salary with the new boss.
A discuss B argue C talk
11 ________ me to send Paul a text. I need to tell him the time of our next exam.
A Remind B Remember C Notice
12 Your ________ is the organ that controls all your thoughts and feelings.
A lung B brain C liver
13 I can’t remember the name of the hotel! It’s on the tip of my ________.
A tongue B toes C fingers
14 I couldn’t believe my ________ when I saw they were together again.
A ears B eyes C brain
15 The friends ________ each other when they met again after a long break.
A hugged B shook C frowned
16 My teacher raised her ________ when I told her I hadn’t done my homework.
A eyebrows B heels C hand
17 I really liked the poem, so I learned it by ________.
A head B hand C heart
18 A healthy lifestyle can ________ some illnesses.
A prevent B avoid C expect
19 I can’t ________ this meat. It’s too tough.
A scratch B chew C shake
20 They were walking quickly and they soon left the others ________.
A back B down C behind

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Idioms: Clothes

Listening: Fat or Thin


What does the new report say?
What are people judged on?
What do most people think?
There is culture, especially in London, where being fat......
Who are, according to the report, the people who fit into this society?
What is the speaker's mum problem?
How does she feel?
What do you never see on a magazine cover?
What does the boy say ?
What does the girl say? isten and answer the questions

Discussion or argument

What's the difference between a discussion and an argument? You're going to hear a psychologist giving some tips to help people when they disagree with somebody about something. Listen and tick the six things she says.

  1. Think carefully what to say when you begin a discussion.
  2. Try to "win" the argument as quickly as you can.
  3. Say sorry is something really is your fault.
  4. Never avoid an argument by refusing to talk.
  5. Don't say things which aren't completely true.
  6. Don't shout
  7. Don't talk about things which aren't relevant to the argument.
  8. Use another person to mediate.
  9. Postpone the argument until later when you have both calm down.
  10. It's a bad thing for a couple to argue.

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Dirección de la Unversidad de Alcalá

Writing a Letter of Application

LETTER OF APPLICATION (February 25th/26th)Level Intermediate 2

You see the following job advertisement in an international magazine

International Adventure Course
Do you speak English?
Would you like to meet people from other countries?

We are looking for people of all ages to work in an international adventure coursein Canada helping to organise sports and social activities for an nternational group of young people aged from 10-15

You need to be available for at least 4 weeks between July -September. Travel, food and accomodation cost will be covered. If you are interested in applying, write telling us about yourself and saying why you think you would be a suitable person for the job.

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Revision test 3


1 Underline the correct word(s).
Example: The students will have finished / have finished the test in a couple of minutes.
1 He’ll likely / probably have already gone by the time you get here.
2 They ’ll have built / ’ll be building the arena by the end of the year.
3 It’s very late – they aren’t likely / probably to come now.
4 I’ll have gone / I’ll be going out this evening – I have tickets for the cinema.
5 We normally have lunch at 1.30, so I’m sure we’ll have finished / we finish by 2.30 at the latest.
6 This time tomorrow, I’m sitting / I’ll be sitting on the beach in Acapulco!

2 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s).
Example: If you like romantic films, you’ll love this DVD.
will like like liked
1 I ________home until I’ve finished this report.
don’t go ’m not going will have gone
2 If you feel tired, you probably ________ enough sleep.
won’t have had haven’t had aren’t going to have
3 Take my phone ________ you need to give me a call.
in case unless when
4 I ________ you if I decide not to go to the party.
tell will be telling ’ll tell
5 If you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, you ________ to take vitamin C supplements.
don’t need aren’t needing will need
6 If it ________ on Wednesday, the show will be cancelled.
will rain ’s raining will have rained

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Obama's Inaguration speech

You see the following announcement in an English-language magazine.

"Many people dream of being famous. Which would you prefer: to be famous, or to be successful but not so well-known?"

The writer of the best article will be invited to appear on the TV programme: The Next Millionaire
Exam advice:
Write a plan before you start writing the article.
Organise your ideas into paragraphs, and use linking words such as: however, despite, in addition, for example and on the other hand.
An useful link: http://ezinearticles.com/?Article-Writing---How-to-Outline-Your-Article&id=380035
We' ll do some brainstorming and practice in the class

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