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Vocabulary Exercises

a Tick the correct word, A, B, or C.
Example: extremely happy
A disappointed B delighted ü C shocked

1 very surprised by some unexpected news
A furious B stunned C confused

2 sad and alone
A grateful B offended C lonely

3 very angry
A miserable B devastated C furious

4 very surprised
A thrilled B astonished C delighted

5 very glad that a problem has been solved
A relieved B disappointed C shocked

6 bored or unhappy
A miserable B fed up C exhausted

7 very pleased
A grateful B delighted C glad

b Tick A, B, or C to complete the sentences.
Example: I often ________ interesting things with my friends.
A argue B speak C discuss ü
8 Please try and calm ________. I know we can sort this out.
A down B off C on
9 Don’t forget to ________ your hair before you go to school.
A blow B comb C raise
10 I really need to ________ my salary with the new boss.
A discuss B argue C talk
11 ________ me to send Paul a text. I need to tell him the time of our next exam.
A Remind B Remember C Notice
12 Your ________ is the organ that controls all your thoughts and feelings.
A lung B brain C liver
13 I can’t remember the name of the hotel! It’s on the tip of my ________.
A tongue B toes C fingers
14 I couldn’t believe my ________ when I saw they were together again.
A ears B eyes C brain
15 The friends ________ each other when they met again after a long break.
A hugged B shook C frowned
16 My teacher raised her ________ when I told her I hadn’t done my homework.
A eyebrows B heels C hand
17 I really liked the poem, so I learned it by ________.
A head B hand C heart
18 A healthy lifestyle can ________ some illnesses.
A prevent B avoid C expect
19 I can’t ________ this meat. It’s too tough.
A scratch B chew C shake
20 They were walking quickly and they soon left the others ________.
A back B down C behind

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