domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Matilda. Roald Dahl

Oscar Casado. NI2 Group A
I think that this is the kind of stories everybody likes. It is a good story, not only for children but also for parents bacause it has a nice message and it can help us understand children's world.
I recommend reading this book because it is easy and funny and especially because it brings back Cinderella in the character of Matilda. There is also a witch, Miss Trunchlook and the fairy godmother, Miss Honey. It is, therefore, a narrative with all the ingredients of a classic story. Summing up, interesting and recommended.

Desert Flower. Waris Dirie

Eva Jiménez, NI2 Group D.
Waris's determination, courage and strenth made her change her destiny. They are the main ingredients in this amazing story. I highly recommend reading it.

Twilight. Stephanie Meyer

Minka Paris (NI2 Group B)
Twilight is a very beautiful and interesting book because, from the first page, the story is interesting and easy to follow in English. It mixes fantasy and reality. Bella, the main character, is an ordinary girl, like me or like anyone I know and Edward is a misterious and dangerous vampire. Despite being different, he introduces her to the vampire's world and they fall in love.
The plot is good and gripping and the characters are very interesting, so I highly recommend teenagers read it.