martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Hi there

How 're you doing?

I hope you´re working hard, reading and doing some listening in English as well as having fun. Believe it or not, It's possible.

Last weekend  I went to Málaga  and I had a really nice time visiting friends and my husband's family. The weather was really nice and, nowadays, Málaga is really beautiful because the city centre has been renovated and, due to its present cultural life, it's a vibrant and and lively city. There are several interesting exhibitions on, such as Julio Romero de Torres, at The Carmen Thyssen Museum.

We also visited The Anglican Cemetery. A cute and quiet garden in the city centre.

Vista parcial del Cementerio Inglés de Málaga

Apart from this, I´m glad today because I had some good news about a British friend who was also diagnosed a brain tumor last January. According to The MIRI (Resonancia magnética) the lession is smaller now and is not active. I hope when I get my MIRI done in a month's time, I have the same news. I'm afraid I still have to wait a few weeks.

I´m telling you  all these things so you can also learn some vocabulary about illness, hospitals appointments and so on.