domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Matilda. Roald Dahl

Luis Solance:
Under the appearance of a simple tale, Matilda is an imaginative and surprising story that transports you to a world where fantasy walks along with people to colour their grey lives. Dahl demonstrates how talent and hard work can lead you to reach your target and, in case of our little heroine, to beat the dark side of authority.
It really amused me from the beginning to the end and, It was moving to share with Matilda the pleasure of being able to read the first english books.

Luke and Jon. Robert Williams

Daniel Cantera.
"This book tells us how people can improve despite the events. Robert Williams tries to explain to the readers how friendship is the best way to fight against a dreadful situation.
I recommend reading it because it shows the importance of friendship and it is not hard reading.
The characters try to do their best to help their relatives and friends to overcome tough times so it is a positive message for the reader.