miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

Revision test 3


1 Underline the correct word(s).
Example: The students will have finished / have finished the test in a couple of minutes.
1 He’ll likely / probably have already gone by the time you get here.
2 They ’ll have built / ’ll be building the arena by the end of the year.
3 It’s very late – they aren’t likely / probably to come now.
4 I’ll have gone / I’ll be going out this evening – I have tickets for the cinema.
5 We normally have lunch at 1.30, so I’m sure we’ll have finished / we finish by 2.30 at the latest.
6 This time tomorrow, I’m sitting / I’ll be sitting on the beach in Acapulco!

2 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s).
Example: If you like romantic films, you’ll love this DVD.
will like like liked
1 I ________home until I’ve finished this report.
don’t go ’m not going will have gone
2 If you feel tired, you probably ________ enough sleep.
won’t have had haven’t had aren’t going to have
3 Take my phone ________ you need to give me a call.
in case unless when
4 I ________ you if I decide not to go to the party.
tell will be telling ’ll tell
5 If you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, you ________ to take vitamin C supplements.
don’t need aren’t needing will need
6 If it ________ on Wednesday, the show will be cancelled.
will rain ’s raining will have rained

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